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  • January Newsletter!

    Happy Vegan New Year!!!   Happy New Year!!!!! We are so excited that we are in the new year, we loved 2014, but we are excited for what the new year will bring.  We saw a lot in 2014 we had our best wedding season yet, we met many new great people, and spread the vegan word, one more year.  We are going to keep this email short, because we know you are still trying to recover from the holidays, so without further jibber jabber lets talk desserts.

  • October! Pumpkin, Apples, and Holiday Specials

    OCTOBER: PUMPKIN, SPICED CIDER, & HOLIDAYS!! Now that it is October, all of us at the bakery are in the cool, crisp fall mood.  We are very excited to have the leaves change, and move into the holiday season, our favorite time of year!  In Vegan Sweet Tooth tradition, October kicks off with PUMPKIN everything!  We are buying fresh pumpkins and roasting them until our hearts content, and baking all kinds of pumkin desserts.  We are also embracing the crisp apples that are ...

  • August is Here!!!

      August is here, and the summer months are coming to a close.  We have mixed emotions about August, we know it is going to be hot, kids are going back to school, and peaches are in full swing!  Speaking of peaches, we know there was a listeria issue with some peaches this year, don't worry we are up to date on the issue and we don't purchase those peaches.

  • July Newsletter

    HAPPY 4TH OF JULY VSTers!!!!  Independence day is only a few days away, and we can't wait.  This month continues our busy wedding season as well, we literally have a wedding cake booked for almost every weekend for the next few months.

  • June Specials and Events

    It is officially the summer season, and the bakery is loving it!  June is a great month with many different things going on in our litte bakery. This June we have new flavors, and so many fun things to work on.  Don't forget Father's Day is June 15th!!!

  • May Flowers!!!!

    MAY: MOTHER'S DAY, STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE, COOKIE DOUGH May is here, and we are ready for some sunshine, flowers, and sweet delicious desserts!!! April didn't disappoint with the showers, so now we are geared up for the flours! (See what I did there?) We love our desserts at VST, but not nearly as much as we love our moms!!!!

  • April Specials

    April is here, and we are dancing in the bakery hoping this month brings some nice weather!  We have been very busy at the bakery with weddings, and now we are thinking about Easter!!!  We have some great desserts to help you make your Easter a bit more healthy, and delicious.


    This month we have a lot of exciting things going on!!!  To state the obvious, St. Patrick's Day falls in this month, and we personally love this holiday.


    FEBRUARY: CHOCOLATE + VEGAN DESSERTS = LOVE To say that we are happy February is here, is an understatement!  January was the COLDEST and harshest month we have ever seen, and we are happy to see it go!  We have a lot going on in February and it involves a lot of chocolate, and love.

  • 10 reasons why you need a VST tote bag

    Hey VSTers!   Yes, it is true, we are now carrying TOTE BAGS! We are really excited to show you our newest addition of SWAG!

  • Hapy New Year!

    Happy New Year!!!!! We are so excited that we are in the new year, we loved 2013, but we are excited for what the new year will bring.  We saw a lot in 2013, we have a new young employee, we met many new great people, and spread the vegan word, one more year.

  • Holiday Hours & Orders

    The time is finally here, and we are ONE WEEK away from Christmas!!!!  Can you believe it??? Either can we!

  • December Holiday Desserts!!!

    It is officialyl the holiday season and everyone at Vegan Sweet Tooth are in the holiday spirit!  We have many different specials that we want to share with you and your family this holdiay season.  We have Peppermint, Gingerbread, Cookies, Cake pops, and Cocktails!  Without further ado, let me explain... COCONUT Vanilla Cake topped with cocoonut frosting dusted with shaved coconut.

  • Going to a party? Bring a dessert tray!

    It is the time of year when we are all running around trying to get everything done, and attend all the gatherings that we are invited to.  Many times, you need to bring a dessert, but you don't know if it is a chocolate crowd, or a vanilla crowd.  That is why we put together a mixed party tray for you, to take the guess work out of what to bring.

  • November: Pies, Parties, and Pecans!

    It is NOVEMBER, and that means we have our holiday party shoes on!  This Novemeber is very special, because Thanksgiving and Hannukkah are on the same day November 28th, this year!  One day, two times the holiday fun!!!!

  • Vegan Sweet Tooth is hiring!

    The time has come again that Vegan Sweet Tooth will be taking on another sales associate for the front counter!  The position will be part time, 20 hours a week.  All applicants must have the following qualifications.

  • Not seeing all our posts? Silly Facebook Algorithm

    I have been getting comments from people saying that they aren't seeing our recent posts on their timeline.  I did a little research, and turns out they changed the algorithm, and the settings on the pages you like.  So I found thins handy dandy post on "cool mom tech, and how to adjust things accordingly.  The smart folks at "Cool Mom Tech" posted some, great, simple steps to follow: 1.

  • October: Pumpkin, Shipping, Apples!

    Now that it is October, all of us at the bakery are in the cool, crisp fall mood.  We are very excited to have the leaves change, and move into the holiday season, our favorite time of year!  In Vegan Sweet Tooth tradition, October kicks off with PUMPKIN everything!

  • VOTE for VST to win an ad in the super bowl!

    Hey VST fans, we need your help!!!! We have entered into a contest to win an AD in the super bowl, and we need you all to vote for us to place in the winning!  All you have to do is click HERE to place your vote.

  • July: Key Lime, Tarts, 4th of July

    We are flying through summer as fast as the rain drops fall.  July is going to bring some great events, flowers, and yummy desserts.  This month we have the 4th of July holiday, and that means fireworks and barbeques!

  • Happy Birthday VST!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!!!!  We are officially celebrating Vegan Sweet Tooth turning 2!  Rebecca and I remember the day when we decided to open a bakery, and it feels like yesterday, not over two years ago.

  • May: Mother's Day, VST turns 2, Memorial Day!

    The month of May is always a busy month, and it kicks off the season with many different holidays and events, such as Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Graduations, and many more.  Don't forget to order your desserts early :) Can you believe that Vegan Sweet Tooth turns 2 years old this month!!!!  We are beyond ourselves with excitedment and joy.  Rebecca and I talk about the first week of being open all the time, and we feel like it was yesterday.

  • April Newsletter and Specials

    April Newsletter and Specials!  April is here, and we want to welcome warm weather, and spring!!!!  We have a lot going on at the bakery these days, and we are gearing up for a great spring season. With the season changing, we are excited to announcing that we are expecting a new member to the VST family in August!

  • March: St. Patrick's Day & Easter!

    This month the universe was nice to us, and we get TWO holidays in one month!  We have a lot to talk about since St. Patrick's Day is on the 17th, and Easter falls on the 31st.

  • February Newsletter

    Now that we got through January, I think it is time to discuss our favorite chocolate covered month, FEBRUARY!!  There is a lot to tell you in this email, so let's cut the small talk, and dive right in! Vegan Sweet Tooth is now offering DELIVERY!

  • VST Delivery

    Vegan Sweet Tooth is now offering delivery!!!  In an effort to make it a little easier for you to receive your treats, we have come up with and easy to use chart, to figure out where your cost will fall.  Since Vegan Sweet Tooth is not your typical business, we do have a few different guidelines to follow to ensure a successful delivery.

  • 2013 Here we Come!!!!

    Happy New Year VSTers!!!! Rebecca and I and our staff would like to start this newsletter with a big THANK YOU!  We had a very successful 2012, and we could not have done it without the help from all of you.

  • Twelve days of Desserts!

    Twelve Days of Desserts!  On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me.......!!!!! VEGAN DESSERTS!!!!!  Let me introduce you to the 12 days of Desserts. Now that I have put that fantastic tune in your head for the rest of the day, instead of singing about a partridge in a pear tree, you can now sing about your favorite desserts!

  • December Treats!!!!

    It is officialyl the holiday season and everyone at Vegan Sweet Tooth are in the holiday spirit!  We have many different specials that we want to share with you and your family this holdiay season.  We have Peppermint, Gingerbread, Cookies, Cake pops, Holiday Loafs.  Without further ado, let me explain... EGGNOG Vanilla Cake filled with a Brandy infused cashew creme filling topped a nutmeg dusted vanilla frosting. PEPPERMINT Cupcakes: Chocolate cake infused with peppermint simple ...

  • Happy Hour Specials

    Vegan Sweet Tooth would like to introduce you to the happiest happy hour in Cleveland!  We will be offering discounted beverages and desserts on the weekend!  We will be rotating the specials as we feel fit with the seasons to keep everything nice and fresh for your libation pleasures.

  • Cupcakes and Cocktails teaser...

    The rumor mill must be turning at full speed right now, so we figured we would let the cat out of the bag... November 1, 2012 Vegan Sweet Tooth will be debuting our "Cupcakes and Cocktails" happy hour.  We officially have a liquor license and will be serving a selection of cocktails with your delicious desserts!  We are very excited for this adventure we have decided to take.

  • October Specials!

    Hang on to your seats VSTers, this post is going to make you want to RUN to the bakery!  We have been hard at work, in your name!  Fall is here, and we are diving into the pumpkin patch, and catching the apples falling from the trees right into our pies.


    Let me introduce you to our new, friend the Cake Push Pop!  We were going to wait until the first of the month to let the secret out, but we couldn't resist to test them out now.  These little babies are absolutely incredible, and you will be seeing them start to pop up everywhere very soon!


    Let me introduce you to our new, friend the Cake Push Pop!  We were going to wait until the first of the month to let the secret out, but we couldn't resist to test them out now.  These little babies are absolutely incredible, and you will be seeing them start to pop up everywhere very soon!

  • September: Apples, Buckeyes, and SMORE!

    Happy September!  There seems to be a new feel to the air these days, with a breeze and a cool that one can not disregard.  The kids have gone back to school, and things are beginning to form the most familiar routine.

  • August: PB&J and PEACHES!

    August is here, and we at Vegan Sweet Tooth can't believe that July slipped through our fingers faster than we could catch it!  Since the sun has been shining so fiercely, we can now embrace the fruits of the sun's labor.  And by that the fruit I speak of, I mean PEACHES.

  • Pink Ribbon Wedding Cake

    As the month of July is coming to an end, the wedding season is in full swing at Vegan Sweet Tooth.  We have cupcakes going to bridal showers, cookies going to bachelorette parties, and of course cakes going to weddings.  Many months ago, we were contacted by Gina from Shi Shi Events, she was working for Ingrid on her wedding at Hillbrook,  they wanted to meet about the cake.

  • VST is hiring... BAKER ASSISTANT

    Vegan Sweet Tooth is now Hiring:  Baker Assistant Part time aprox 20 hr/wk    Start date: August 1, 2012 Applicants must have following qualities to be considered * Commercial bakery and baking work experience Commitment to detail and quality control Dependable  18 yrs + Adapts to and is comfortable in fast paced environment If you are interested in being interviewed, send resume with references to *no phone calls, or “drop ins” at the bakery

  • The results are in... VEGAN WINS!!!!!

     A month has passed since our 1 year anniversary, and now Rebecca and I have been taking a closer look at our bakery and analyzing different elements on our business to see what is working, and what isn't.  I think it was Aristotle that said, "All I know, is I know nothing." and that is how Rebecca and I run our bakery....kind of. We don't know everything, or what will or will not work, we are always learning, experimenting, and evolving.

  • July: Cool, Crisp, Citrus

    JULY: COOL, CRISP, CITRUS With the temperatures beating down on us this summer, everyone is trying to come up with different ways to cool down.  At Vegan Sweet Tooth, we having been craving all things citrus! So without further ado, let me introduce you to our new flavor combinations.

  • Red, White, Blue...and VEGAN TOO!

    Now that summer is here, it is time to start thinking about the upcoming holidays!  4th of July is right around the corner, and we all know that there are going to be some amazing barbeques going on all over town.  So while you are planning the menu for the grill, we thought that we would take care of the dessert for you.

  • Special Occasion Cakes

    Now that summer is in full swing and the party season has begun, I thought now would be a good time to talk about special occasion cakes.  The team at Vegan Sweet Tooth loves to work together on the different special occasion cakes that we do.  Some are wedding cakes, others are birthday cakes, no matter the reason, they are always fun and creative.

  • Summer with Vegan Sweet Tooth

    Summer is in full swing at Vegan Sweet Tooth, and we are loving it!!!  We are going to the Crocker Park Farmers Market on Saturday's and having a blast.  The west siders have embraced VST with open arms :)  We have a lot to talk about in this newsletter, we have new flavors, new beverages, Graduation, and Father's Day.

  • Happy 1st Birthday VST!!!!

    The time has finally arrived, and we can't be more excited!  Come May 26th, Vegan Sweet Tooth will have made it to our 1 yr birghday!!!!  Becca and I have been anticipating this day for a very long time, and we want to celebrate it in your honor.

  • Funfetti and Tiramisu

    As a Vegan Sweet Tooth tradition, with it being the first of the month, we have new flavors.  This month we came out with two different vanilla based flavor combinations, funfetti and tiramisu.   The funfetti flavor can come as a cupcake or a cake, and is just as delicious as it is fun!

  • Day of the Draft DISCOUNTS!!

    DAY OF THE DRAFT DISCOUNT!!!! Will it be Justin Blackmon, Morris Claiborne, Trent Richardson or Ryan Tannehill??? It seems as though our happy bakers in the kitchen baked too many cupcakes yesterday.

  • Two days and Counting

    I don't know about you, but I have been counting down the days until the Crocker Park Farmers Market starts.  You better get your reusable shopping bags ready because we are TWO DAYS out!!!!  We are so excited to be apart of the farmers market, and I wanted to make sure everyone knew that we are going to be there with bells on....or cupcakes....or cookies...or you know what I mean.

  • April and Easter

    To all of you that did not receive the newsletter, here it is for you all!  We have some really great specials, and are all wishing for spring to arrive...NOW!  Easter: Brunch is right around the corner, so we need to start talking about what you are going to be eating.  We have something for everyone.

  • Vegan Sweet Tooth is HIRING!

    The time has come again that Vegan Sweet Tooth will be taking on another sales associate for the front counter!  The position will start May 1st, and will be part time, 20 hours a week.  All applicants must have the following qualifications.  1.


    The love in the air was great for February, but now it is time to move into March, and find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!  March is not only the month of my personal favorite holiday St. Patricks Day, but now it is going to be the month of VEGAN - PALOOZA!

  • Bowling Bash!

    This past week we had Valentine's Day, and our Living Social coupon was released, so it is safe to say we were BUSY!  In between the chocolate covered strawberries, and the awesome discounted cupcakes, Becca was busy making a cake for her best friend (besides me ;) ) Danielle, and husband Dan.  We threw them a joint birthday bowling party, and clearly we needed to have a cake!

  • Calling all Cupcake Tasters!!!!

    CALLING ALL CUPCAKE TASTERS IN CLEVELAND!!!!!!!! VST is having a casting call for a promotional video on the desserts in Cleveland.  Do you love dessert?  Do you love cupcakes?

  • Love me some Valentine.

    As we all know, Valentine's Day is right around the corner.  Whether you think it is a Hallmark holiday, or if you swear your love to St. Valentine, we can all agree that chocolate is the way to anyone's heart.

  • FREE tickets to EVER AFTER Bridal Show!

    This weekend Vegan Sweet Tooth will be joining many other amazing business' at the Ever After Bridal show at Landerhaven.  The event is going to feature everything that your heart can desire to design the most picturesque wedding of your dreams!!!!  We have 2 pairs of tickets to give away for free!!!!

  • Valentine's Day Specials!

    That time of year has arrived again, that ever man and woman looks forward to....VALENTINES DAY!  I know, I know, I know, some think it is a hallmark holiday, some swear by St. Valentine, but no matter what side of the fence you are on, we can all come to terms when we talk about chocolate.

  • Art from the Heart: THIS WEEKEND!

    This weekend Vegan Sweet Tooth will be participating in an event called ART FROM THE HEART, to benefit the Geauga Humane Society's Rescue Village.  I wanted to spread the word about the event, and share with you the great artists that are involved.  We are going to have many artists selling their art, drinking Muddy Paw wines, and adopting amazing pets from the humane society!

  • Ask and you will receive...SOY FREE!

    Due to an overwhelming demand, we now are offering Soy Free products!!!!  We have been experimenting with many different recipes, and have come to a conclusion that the Gluten Free products adapted better to the Soy Free. So now when you come to the shop, or place an order ALL gluten free desserts, are now SOY FREE as well.

  • Hiring Holiday Help!

    It is that time of year, and we are very excited for the upcoming holiday season at Vegan Sweet Tooth, that is why we are hiring!  Are you in need for some extra cash for the holidays?  We are seeking a temporary part time employee for the holidays.

  • Modern Day Pie

    Seeing how Becca and I have virtually read every single blog, website, and magazine about Thanksgiving, it is now time to share my thoughts.  To state the obvious, my thoughts tend to fall in the dessert category, clearly.  I have been thinking a lot about pie, pecan pie and pumpkin pie to be exact.

  • Washington Place Vegan Review

    I am very excited to write this post, to explain to all of you the delicious dinner that Becca and I enjoyed at Washington Place Bistro and Inn, for their first Vegan Dinner offerings.  Granted we are a little bias because the desserts on the menu were ours, but that is not what I am talking about in this post.  I am going to walk you through our adventure of tasting all the other offerings.

  • Washington Place Bistro and Inn. VEGAN dinners.

    I know I posted a tidbit about this on facebook the other day, but it really needs a full blog post.  Starting November 10th, Washington Place Bistro and Inn will be offering vegan options on their menu on EVERY THURSDAY.  Not only that, but the vegan desserts they will be offering will be from Vegan Sweet Tooth!!!

  • Is it a cupcake if it doesn't have icing?

     Becca recently came to me with an idea of a new pecan cupcake, that did not involve any icing.  She made a carmalized pecan mixture, that is absolutely delicious and she told me that she was putting it in the middle of the cupcake, and on top....that is it.  I started to get nervous, tears welled in my eyes, and my heart began to race, I realized I was having an emotional issue with the lack of frosting.

  • Holiday Specials

    As many of you have patiently waited, we now have all of our holiday specials organized, and on a nice form for you to enjoy.  Print this out, and hang it on your fridge!!!!  I can't stress how important it is to order in advance, the bakery has been getting very busy lately, and we can not guarantee that your desserts won't sell out.

  • Best of Cleveland Party DISCOUNT!

    Time is ticking, and today is the day for you to buy your BEST OF CLEVELAND party tickets!  We are going to be there with a display, and free samples along with all the other winners.  It is going to be an amazing party!!!!

  • Matty Ice Sugar Beer Bottle Cake

    Hello Sweet Teeth, I am very excited to write this blog, I have been thinking about it all weekend, while eating the left over cake at my house.  It was recently my boyfriend's birthday, and being a woman who owns a bakery obviously he gets a cake on the house.  So Becca and I brain stormed, and decided to give ourselves a challenge and attempt to incorporate poured sugar forms into the cake.

  • September Newsletter

    It seems as though our summer is coming to a close and we are heading into the beautiful fall weather.  With the fall weather comes many new events and specials at Vegan Sweet Tooth. Kosher:  It is official...WE ARE KOSHER!!!!!!

  • VST is KOSHER!

    Just in case you missed the newsletter, facebook post, and twitter post, I figured I would tell you that Vegan Sweet Tooth is officially certified KOSHER!  We are very excited to add this to our resume.  We sent out a press release to the media, and every avenue we could think of.

  • Deliciously Eton

    As this week is coming to a close, we are getting excited for DELICIOUSLY ETON!  Eton's very own restaurant week if you will.  Vegan Sweet Tooth will be participating along with almost all of the other restaurants in our mall, such as, Mitchell's Fish Market, Fleming's Steakhouse, B spot, Paladar, Bravo!.

  • August: Peach Cobbler, Gruffin to Go, Cookies!

    Hello Sweet Teeth, As summer is coming to a close, and the kids are headed back to school we at Vegan Sweet Tooth are having fun making desserts to keep you moving forward.  We want to talk to you about our new Peach Cobbler cupcakes, Gruffin to Go, and Cookies! PEACH COBBLER:  It is peach season, and we are playing in the orchard, and the kitchen.

  • Sidewalk Sale

    I hope everyone had a fabulous long weekend!  Becca and I went on a much needed camping trip, and we are now refreshed and ready for July!  Starting this Thursday thru Sunday Eton is having the semi annual SIDEWALK SALE!

  • The Monday after...

    I have to start off with an incredible THANK YOU!!!!  Thank you to all that came out on Saturday for our Grand Opening.  We had an incredible turn out, and we could barely keep the sweets in the cases.  We had many family, friends, and fans there.  At the end of the night, Becca and I could barely keep our eyes open.  It was really fun meeting everyone that we have heard from in our process, and finally getting a face to all the facebook friends as well.  The vegan ...

  • Grand Opening!

    Just wanted to update everybody and remind you of our Grand Opening Party!!!! VEGAN SWEE TOOTH GRAND OPENING Saturday June 11th 10 am to 6 pm ETON 28699 Chagrin Blvd suite 490 (inside mall) Woodmere, Ohio 44122   We wil be giving our some really tasty treats all day long.  We will be having a raffle for a tasty treat platter at the end of the day, as well as having chocolate dipping demos, and many many more fun events!!!  Come one Come all!!! Spread the word!  Stay Sweet!

  • Three days in...

      It is official, we had our soft opening, and it was CRAZY!!!  Crazy good, but by no means normal.  Becca and I opened our doors to the public this past Thursday, and all of a sudden vegans were coming out of the woodwork.

  • VST is Hiring

    This blog post is going to have a little weight to it, at least it does for Becca and I.  After much discussion, and debate we have decided to start hiring.  It seems as though people think our desserts are tasty, and we may need an extra hand or two.

  • May is OUR month!

    "April showers bring May....CUPCAKES!"  We can officially say that this is OUR month!  The VST team has been working very very hard on getting the store open, and we are getting closer every day.  I can say that Vegan Sweet Tooth will be open this month (mid month).

  • March Madness

    While everyone is watching their March Madness brackets, I can't help but think that Vegan Sweet Tooth's March has had it's very own "madness".  Even though our version of madness doesn't involve sports, it involves sweets, and fun events.  Rebecca and I have been very busy lately in many meetings, and orders, and I thought that I would update you all.

  • VST in the Sun Messenger~!

    Well it is official, people are taking about us!  Rebecca and I received an early Christmas gift, of an article written in the Sun Messenger about VST.  The article caught us both by surprise, and we are very happy for the publicity.  We have already started getting emails and phone calls from the article, and we hope they keep coming!  What a great day :)