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Life is great...when you eat cake!

Life is great...when you eat CAKE!!!

Today we are talking about cake!!!  A main element to our bakery involves making cake, naturally.  We started with only a few different flavors, and sizes, and as the months go by we are growing.  After talking to a few customers, and listening to the demand, we have decided to start offering square cakes, as well as the HIGHLY REQUESTED sheet cakes!!!  WOOO HOOOOOOO :)  

We have made this handy dandy chart for all of you, as well as our staff to attempt to understand cakes a little more.  Cakes can be complicated, that is why I am writing to you today to clarify a few of the questions that are asked.  


How much time do I need for a cake order?  

All of our cakes require 48 hour, or two day notice.  Let me explain why... We bake many cakes at a time, and they take a very long time to bake, and cool.  With that being said, we need a little time to organize all of the cakes, and properly cook and cool them.  Noone likes a half baked drippy cake ;) 

How many people do your cakes serve?  

AH HA!  If you look above, we have a great chart now to help you with that.  You will see that we have two different categories for servings.  PARTY and WEDDING, that is obviously because people slice cakes at each event differently.  At a graduation party "Uncle Fred" may slice the cake, and he is most likely going to slice bigger pieces.  At a wedding a professional is most likely going to slice the cake and they know the exact smaller size to slice.  Not to say "Uncle Fred" isn't a professional, but you know what I mean.  

Can you make the cake gluten free, and why is it more expensive? 

Absolutely!!!  If you view our different flavors on our menu, you will see a GF next to a few different ones, those are all the flavors that we can make into gluten free cakes.  Gluten free cakes are priced a little higher than the normal vegan cakes simply because the white rice flour, tapioca flour, and sorghum flours are much more expensive.  We are unable to negotiate those prices, so in order to provide the specialty item, we need to cover some of that higher cost.  

Why do I have to pay an extra decoration fee? 

We treat all of our cakes as a mini, or large work of art.  We take much pride in the fact that all of the cakes and decorations are hand made, and take time to make.  With that being said, our bakers are artists, they spend many hours, researching designs, perfecting their craft, and making the beautiful cakes you see on the website.  If our baker is going to take the time to make a beautiful creation to make your party that much more special, we believe that our baker should be compensated properly for their artistic talent. 

What is the difference between buttercream and fondant? 

When you come to the bakery the main style of frosting we use on our cupcakes and cakes is a buttercream style frosting.  It has a smooth soft texture, and tends to be the most popular frosting.  Fondant is a sugar substance that is used to decorate cakes with.  It has a very smooth, and think texture.  Fondant is helpful in making elaborate three dimensional decorations, and tends to be more popular for larger cakes such as wedding cakes.  

Do you deliver cakes?  

Yes, we are currently offering delivery on Fridays and Saturdays from 12pm - 4pm, the minimum order is $30, and delivery fees apply depending on the distance.  Wedding cake delivers are discussed at the consultation.

Ok, I think that covers a lot of questions that we get at the bakery about cakes.  We love cake, and you should too!!!  Now enjoy some pictures of cakes. 



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