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Matty Ice Sugar Beer Bottle Cake

Hello Sweet Teeth,

I am very excited to write this blog, I have been thinking about it all weekend, while eating the left over cake at my house.  It was recently my boyfriend's birthday, and being a woman who owns a bakery obviously he gets a cake on the house.  So Becca and I brain stormed, and decided to give ourselves a challenge and attempt to incorporate poured sugar forms into the cake.  It is a known fact that Matt is a huge OSU fan, as is anyone that graduates from that school, as well as a fan of beer...once again as is everyone that graduates from that school!  So beer themed it was, and we were off to the races.  

We decided to model the cake after a bucket of beer.  The process was absolutely incredible, and we learned a lot!  We purchased mold making supplies, as well as a special form of sugar to construct the beer bottles.  Oh we bought beer too, you can't make a beer bottle cake without beer!  We poured the silicone over the beer bottles, let it set.  Melted the sugar down, and poured the sugar in the molds.  There were many moments of sheer silence, hoping that we were doing it correctly, very stressful.  We finally were able to open the molds, holding our breathe and VOILA, we had hollow sugar beer bottles.  We literally went all over the mall showing everyone out of excitement, it was incredible.  So we finished the cake with the fondant, and we were on our way to the party. 

I was able to surprise Matt with the cake at the bar, and that was one of the best parts of this entire process.  I walked through the bar with the cake, and literally had people following me, once they set their eyes on the cake.  The "omg", and "did you make that" comments put huge smiles on our faces.  Our hard work was stopping people from watching the that is a big deal in my mind ;)  The night was beginning to come to a close, and it was only appropriate to eat and destroy.  No, I am not talking about OSU and Miami, I am still talking about the cake.  Matt started cutting, and everyone wanted to test out the bottles.  So we challenged Matt to break a bottle over someone's head.  Totally logical...right?  So Matt stood up, grabbed a bottle, and smashed it over Dan's head!!!  It shattered into a million pieces, and it was so realistic that we had the manager coming up to us, to make sure that we were not starting a bar fight.  We smiled and is sugar...GO BUCKS!

So if you ever need a grooms cake, or a fun birthday party know who to call!  



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1. Stephanie wrote:
Love the ice and the bottles! I am making a grooms cake and need to come up with beer bottles and ice cubes. I've tried and failed...any advice you can give me would be great!

Awesome Job!

Tue, October 11, 2011 @ 8:53 PM

2. Mary wrote:
This is a great cake. What did you make the ice cubes out of? They look so realistic, and I want to try to make this cake for my nephew! Thanks

Wed, September 23, 2015 @ 6:48 PM

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