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  • November Specials!

    NOVEMBER: COCKTAILS, CRANBERRY, THANKSGIVING! November has arrived, and with the cold weather, and the leaves falling to the ground, it is time to talk about how to stay warm throughout these days.  The savory flavors of pecan, pumpkin, and apples are here and they are warming our heart one drink, and bite at a time.

  • Modern Day Pie

    Seeing how Becca and I have virtually read every single blog, website, and magazine about Thanksgiving, it is now time to share my thoughts.  To state the obvious, my thoughts tend to fall in the dessert category, clearly.  I have been thinking a lot about pie, pecan pie and pumpkin pie to be exact.

  • Is it a cupcake if it doesn't have icing?

     Becca recently came to me with an idea of a new pecan cupcake, that did not involve any icing.  She made a carmalized pecan mixture, that is absolutely delicious and she told me that she was putting it in the middle of the cupcake, and on top....that is it.  I started to get nervous, tears welled in my eyes, and my heart began to race, I realized I was having an emotional issue with the lack of frosting.