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St. Patrick's Day is around the corner

St. Patrick's Day is officially 21 days, 30 minutes, and 27 seconds away...but who is counting.  In keeping with Vegan Sweet Tooth tradition, Rebecca and I have started discussing ideas for the fun festive amazing Irish holiday.  But before we discuss the tasty treats I wanted to share with you some interesting information I read about the patron Saint Patrick. 

Who is Saint Patrick?

Saint Patrick was born into a Roman-British family, who's father was the Decon of the Cathlic Church.  Saint Patrick's life started out with a tramatic event, he was kidnapped!  Not only was he kidnapped, but he was kidnapped by Irish raiders when he was 16 and taken to Ireland, held captave as a slave.  When he escaped, he ran to the church to study to be a priest.  He then spent his life preaching to the pagan Irishmen, and enlightening them to Catholicism.  It is claimed that he indeed used the shamrock as a tool to teach the Irish the trinity of the church.

I recently learned of this information, and found it rather ironic, and very intriguing.  The holiday started as a 'feast' day to celebrate Saint Patrick's life.  Over the years it has transformed to celebrate Irish culture, which most turns into eating and drinking.  Which brings us to Vegan Sweet Tooth's specials.

Since the Irish are not traditionally known for their baking, this was a bit of a challenge.  What are the Irish known for, other than meat, potatoes, and drinking, in the culinary world?  While Pot Roast could be delicious, it is not a delicious vegan cupcake.  Potatoes are vegan, but perhaps not lending to the most scrumptious dessert.  So that leaves us with drinking.  Then Rebecca and I decided on the...

"Irish Princess" cupcake:  A chocolate based cake infused with a whiskey simple syrup, topped with vegan "Bailey's" Irish Cream frosting. 

 That will be our main dessert, but we will also have green shamrock colored cupcakes as well.  Feel free to comment, or send any suggestions our way, if you have ideas.

 Stay Sweet!

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