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The results are in... VEGAN WINS!!!!!

 A month has passed since our 1 year anniversary, and now Rebecca and I have been taking a closer look at our bakery and analyzing different elements on our business to see what is working, and what isn't.  I think it was Aristotle that said, "All I know, is I know nothing." and that is how Rebecca and I run our bakery....kind of. We don't know everything, or what will or will not work, we are always learning, experimenting, and evolving.  That is why I recently put a poll out on the web, and at the bakery about the different elements that we believe make up our business. 

The poll was simple, and is as follows... 

"What brings you to Vegan Sweet Tooth?" 

1. You are Vegan

2. You are Kosher

3. You love all things sweet

4. You have food allergies. 

And the results are in....VEGAN WINS!!  I have made a chart of the results below. 

Vegan  92/183 50%
Sweets 50/183 27%
Allergy 35/183 19%
Kosher 6/183 3%


Now I know this was a very informal poll, but that is in my mind some of the best ways to get true results.  Let's talk about the results because the reason I did this poll was to see where the main source of clientele are coming from.   

Vegan, is the winner.  I have to admit, I am not surprised, but very relieved to see this result.  Lets be honest, we have the word vegan in our name, if the vegan community didn't support us we would be in some hot water!  So it speaks volumes to see that the Cleveland vegan community has come out in full force and we can't thank you enough!  So I suppose we should keep the desserts vegan...check!  No regular desserts coming from us. 

Sweets, comes in second.  I really was happy to see this as well, for the one answer to the age old question... "DOES IT TASTE VEGAN?" ...ummm no.  But I still to this day don't know what vegan tastes like, but we get asked it all the time.  So spread the word...the sweets are tasty, vegan, and winners! 

Allergy, comes in third.  I thought the allergy category was going to be a dead winner to tell you the truth.  When we opened, Rebecca had to crack open the recipe book fast to adjust to all the gluten, and soy issues that are out there.  I knew it was a major part of our business, I am constantly talking to mothers that are nursing, and they are so stressed about what to eat because of the allergies their babies have.  It is a major part of our reality, and our business it is very clear. 

Kosher comes in last.  I have to admit, this element was one of the driving forces behind this poll.  Our Kosher certificate is about to expire, and we have been debating not renewing it merely because of the cost of paying the Rabbi to supervise us.  Let me be very clear here, we are not changing our kosher ingredients, we are just considering not having the supervision by a Rabbi.  In order to have a Rabbi supervise our bakery it cost THOUSANDS of dollars, and we are wondering if we are making our money back.  Judging from my informal poll, I have reason to believe we are not. :(  Sad face.  

So now that all the results are in, it seems as though Rebecca and I have some decisions to make, and some marketing to do.  Thanks for reading, thats for participating in our poll, and as always THANK YOU for always supporting Vegan Sweet Tooth.  We wouldn't be here today without you all! 

Stay Sweet! 

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1. Karen weiss wrote:
I am so sad you are no longer kosher! I have really enjoyed ordering cakes, cupcakes etc. from you for all my sabbath company. Unfortunately, while I will still pick up the occasional treat for myself , I cannot serve desserts without kosher supervision to my weekly guests! I have several upcoming events for which I had hoped- and planned- to use your cake pops and cupcakes ( 50 of each), but won't be able to now! While I am vegan, my family and friends are not- they just enjoyed your desserts because they taste good and look great. I hope you reconsider going kosher again sometime soon! Meanwhile, I will have to overnight order desserts online- which is so not appealing! I will miss you guys! - karen weiss

Mon, September 24, 2012 @ 10:25 PM

2. Kailee wrote:
With the bases ladeod you struck us out with that answer!

Sat, January 26, 2013 @ 4:51 AM

3. Lonitra wrote:
I was so confused about what to buy, but this makes it undrestnadbale.

Sat, January 26, 2013 @ 4:51 AM

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