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The time has come to celebrate all things Vegan, and it will take place March 24, 2012 from 12pm-4pm at Vegan Sweet Tooth.  The day will include a cupcake tasting contest, a sprinkle bar, a raffle, food, music and FUN!  

Please come and enjoy yourself, mingle with other like minded friends, and enjoy a Saturday afternoon with us.  


12pm: Party Begins

12:30: Music Naked Mole Rats 

1pm: Cupcake Tasting Competition

1:30pm: Music Naked Mole Rats

2:30pm: Cake Decorating Demo with Rebecca, Head Baker of VST

3:00pm: Music Naked Mole Rats 

3:30pm: Raffle Prizes announced 

4:00pm: Happiness

All proceeds from the raffle will be donated to the Cleveland APL, as well as a portion of our sales for the day. Raffle items include....

Menchies Gift Card

Eton Gift Card

American Vegan Appetite Cook Book

VST Cupcakes

Washington Place Bistro and Inn Gift Card 

Phoenix Coffee

The Powder Room Gift Card 

Paladar Gift Card

1 YR Subscription to Veg News 

MELT Gift Card

Johnny Mangoes Gift Card 

and many many more. ...

We would like to thank all of the business' that have donated!!!  And also we would like to thank Jak Prints for providing all the flyers, and printed material for the event.  It is going to be a good one!!! 

SO COME ONE, COME ALL!!!!  See you on March 24th! 

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