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Tiffany and RebeccaHello friends of Vegan Sweet Tooth. In an effort to create some buzz and keep everybody informed on the progress of Vegan Sweet Tooth, we figured we would blog about it. Many people have been asking how all of this started so I suppose I will tell you a little about Rebecca and Tiffany.

Rebecca Bryan and Tiffany O’Neill have been friends since the first grade.Where both were raised, and considered “lifers” in the small town of Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Growing up together we were completely inseparable. After Rebecca and Tiffany graduated CFHS together, we both went our different ways to explore our passions.

Rebecca went to Miami, Florida to explore her passion for the pastry arts. She studied at Johnston and Whales acquiring her associates degree in pastry arts. The interesting thing about her studies were that while she was there, she took every project and adjusted the recipe to be vegan. Rebecca has been a vegan since 2003. Her passion for food, and veganism was strong, and lead her to a head pastry chef position at one of the most popular vegan restaurants in Miami. Rebecca spent many years working at the restaurant, until she decided in 2008 that it was time to go home to Chagrin Falls to start Vegan Sweet Tooth, a specialty sweet shop, creating vegan, gluten-free, and diabetic friendly sweets.

After Tiffany graduated from CFHS she went to Ohio University to study commercial photography, specifically food photography, combining her two passions of food, and photography. Upon graduation at OU Tiffany moved to Chicago, were she explored her photography career. Tiffany opened a studio while in Chicago doing photography in food, and portraiture, for Chicago restaurants and business professionals. Recently, Rebecca called Tiffany, and asked her to help her expand her business Vegan Sweet Tooth and open a storefront. Tiffany decided to close up shop in Chicago, and come back home to Chagrin Falls, combine forces with Rebecca and open Vegan Sweet Tooth.

So, that is how we got here today, in a nut shell. Rebecca and Tiffany will both be writing on this blog, updating everyone of the progress of VST. ENJOY!